Somatic Coaching

Pantarei Approach

Somatic Coaching with the Pantarei Approach consists of a series of meetings between practitioner and client, called sessions. A session takes about 60 minutes and includes different forms of touch combined with breathing and movement exercises. Tailored specifically according to the client’s individual aims and needs.

The intensity and the intention of the applied touch varies hugely, depending on your wishes and your physical emotional state. My touch is always curious and guided by empathy.

At the same time we work with verbal instructions. How does this touch feel? What does it do? What do we learn from the reaction of your body? Does it bring up emotions, images, memories? Following these questions we develop a dialog that leads us further.

Touch and Trust

In order to allow ourselves to be touched, we need to trust in the situation. My intention as a practitioner is always to fully see and feel my clients. I strive to listen and understand them with full attention in order to touch them through my hands and my words. The ongoing dialog between practitioner and client is, therefore, necessary to create an atmosphere of safety, understanding and expanding.

What are the results?

With bodywork, you will feel an immediately noticeable positive result post-session. You will notice changes in your physical sensation, your feeling and your thinking. For instance a deeper relaxation, a sense of wholeness or connection, increased physical presence, clarity, stillness or grounding. Through description and affirmation, physical sensations become amplified and integrated into consciousness. Read here is what my clients say about sessions.

Hand-to-Hand-Somatic-Bodywork-Pantarei-Approach-Jochen Stechmann-Berlin
Balancing body and mind
  • Many of my clients struggle with a feeling of ‘being too much in their head’. Often, this experience creates stress, increased tension or a feeling of too much control. In these cases, Somatic Coaching with the Pantarei Approach can provide a quick and effective improvement. The connection with your body, with yourself and your surrounding becomes more tangible. Thought processes become more integrated into your physical presence.

The power of empathy

In a Pantarei session guided by an empathetic practitioner in a protected environment, you can allow yourself to make space for contradicting thoughts, sensations and feelings. You learn to expand and trust the whole range of what you really feel. It allows you to engage more with the flow of emotions and life, to be more in connection with yourself and with the people around you.

As a Pantarei Approach practitioner, I respect and adhere to the core values of the approach, its code of ethics and its professional conduct.

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