What are the results?

With bodywork, you will feel an immediately noticeable positive result post-session. Clients will notice changes in their physical sensation, their feeling and/or their thinking. Some examples are: deeper relaxation, a sense of wholeness or connection, more physical presence, clarity, stillness or grounding.

The body-mind balance

Many of my clients struggle with a feeling of ‘being too much in their head’. Their attention is strongly focused on thoughts about past or future situations. Often, this experience creates stress, increased tension or a feeling of too much control. In these cases, Somatic Coaching with the Pantarei Approach can provide a quick and effective improvement. The connection with the body, with oneself and one’s surrounding becomes more tangible.

Let go of old patterns

Our body keeps score of all our past experiences. This can manifest itself in tensed or rigid muscles. It can also show itself in a way that in situations that remind us strongly of past experience, our reactions and feelings become automatic instead of freely chosen. Such automatic patterns consume a lot of our energy. And they often become stronger and control us more as we get older.

Through Somatic Coaching, my clients develop their own strategies to recognise and undo such patterns. It enables them to be more relaxed and clear in problematic situations, just by trusting their body more. It gives them the freedom to choose alternative actions.

Trust your body – learn to be well

Every person, every body has totally different wishes, abilities and needs. As a practitioner, I work with utmost precision in my touch and my way of listening. My attention is fully guided towards really seeing you, so we can tune into your bodies ability to balance itself.

The more we learn to trust our own perception, the more we can be in harmony with ourselves and with the people around us. Pantarei (‘Everything flows’) enables you to allow the sensation of flow in your body, and to act in accordance with this flow.

As body-flow is directly and repeatedly activated in sessions, it becomes a part of your everyday experience. You will learn to feel more flow outside sessions and how to use it for yourself and your environment.